SKANDA Movie Review

Starring: Ram Pothineni, Sreeleela, Saiee Manjrekar, Prince Cecil, Gautami, Indraja, Raja, Srikanth, Sharath Lohitashwa, Prithviraj, and others
Director: Boyapati Sreenu
Producer: Srinivasaa Chitturi
Music Director: S Thaman
Cinematographer: Santosh Detake
Editor: Bikkina Thammiraju
Release Date : September 28, 2023

Ram Pothineni has teamed up with mass director Boyapati Sreenu for a film called Skanda. The action drama has been released today and, read our review to find out if the film has any juice in it or not.


The daughters of the Chief Ministers of Telangana and Andhra, are mysteriously abducted by an enigmatic figure known as Raju, portrayed by Ram Pothineni. Raju’s actions are driven by a cryptic mission intertwined with Rudraganti Ramakrishna Raju, played by Srikanth. The film delves into the enigma surrounding Raju and his connection to Ramakrishna Raju, forming the core of its narrative.


Sreeleela captivates with her innate charisma and mesmerizing dance performances, embodying the quintessential commercial film heroine. Srikanth delivers a commendable performance in his role. Ram Pothineni undergoes a remarkable physical transformation, fully immersing himself in Boyapati Sreenu’s world. He commands the screen with a magnetic presence, showcasing his physical prowess, engaging in intense combat sequences, and dancing with unbridled energy in the film. In a few scenes, he overacts like there is no tomorrow.

What’s Good

Ram’s performances

What’s Bad

Routine Story
Logicless scenes
Boring execution
Dull second half


Skanda primarily serves as a showcase for Ram Pothineni’s dynamic performance in a beastly avatar. It falls short in its storytelling department, relying on a conventional plotline that, despite a promising start, occasionally feels contrived, particularly in the latter portions. The film predominantly targets mass audiences, particularly those in B and C centers.

Furthermore, the film lacks the logical coherence often associated with Boyapati’s works. The narrative after the intermission adheres to a familiar template, revealing earlier plot elements through a flashback. The romantic subplot engages the audience initially, and Boyapati’s storytelling approach is commendable.

Thaman’s musical compositions are bad as only two songs are good. His background music fails to meet expectations, missing opportunities to enhance pivotal scenes. While the film boasts impressive action sequences that showcase Ram in an unprecedented light, the editing in the second half leaves room for improvement.

The film is filled with so many fights that you forget the count of it. There are so many scenes that are over the top. Ram Pothineni’s dynamic performance is the only solace of the film. Boyapati Sreenu continues to make films in his own world. Some click big time and some do not and Skanda is one of those few which is as routine as it can get.

Bottom Line – Logicless and boring


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