Rudramkota Movie Review

Rudramkota Movie Review

Rudramkota movie starring senior actress Jayalalitha and Anil Arka in lead roles released in theaters this Friday. Ramu Kona directed this movie which arrived in theatres with a message oriented storyline. The movie is produced by Anil Arka, who is also the protagonist himself in the movie. Actors Vibhisha and Alekhya are the female leads in the film. Let’s see how the film fares at the box office.


Kotamma (Jayalalitha) stands guard and rules the village Rudramkota with an iron hand. Anyone who sways her, and violates the set rules of the village would face the music. She believes that illicit relationships between a man and a woman would lead to darkness. Her obedient servant named Rudra (Anil Arka), on the other hand, keeps sending shivers down the spine with his peculiar behavior and distinct look of a forest man. What happens when sex-thirsty city girl Dhruti (Alekhya) enters Rudramkota? How did Dhruti lure Rudra to quench her thirst for sexual desire? What is the reason for Rudra to live in the graveyard away from the people of the village? is the story to watch out.


The subjects of love and lust keep recurring in Telugu movies. RudramKota is one such story that explores rural lifestyle and their customs and traditions. How people struggle to differentiate between real love and attraction in the process they get deceived. Director Ramu Kona shows how lives are being destroyed due to illicit relationships in the film which sends a subtle message along with commercial elements.

Rudram Kota is a regular story but director Ramu Kona tries to tell this story with a village backdrop. The movie starts off with the introduction of the characters, the titular head of the village Kotamma and her servant Rudra. With the entry of Dhruti’s character in the story, the film paces up. The twist in the climax will surprise the audience.

The message that the director chose to convey through Rudram Kota is good. But he led the story with beating-around-the-bush filmmaking instead of going deeply into it. Due to the length of the story, it feels as if it is stretched too long. It is quite evident that the filmmakers have compromised in many scenes due to budget constraints.


Jayalalitha’s performance as Kotamma is decent. She has done complete justice to her role with her decades of experience in the craft. Anil Arka is as impressive as Rudra. His mass appeal and raw look recall the eponymous role of Vikram in  SivaPutrudu. Alekhya added to the film in terms of glamour. Vibhisha’s acting seems to be okay.


Jayalalitha and Anil’s performances
Action episodes
Village backdrop


Routine concept
Poor visuals
Draggy portions


Although Rudrankota is a small-budget film, it impresses in terms of concept and performance. It will please the audience who like village stories which oozes rawness naturally.

Rating: 2.75

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