Repeat Movie Review

Actor Naveen Chandra is doing back to back films and playing diverse roles. He dons the cop hat for a film called Repeat. Read our review to find out if the film had any juice in it or not.


Subramanyam(Achyuth Kumar) is a writer who dreams about the people in his stories trying to harm him. He approaches the cops but they in turn doubt Subramanyam and his tactics. To handle the situation, an undercover cop(Naveen Chandra) is brought in. Did he crack the case and what obstacles he faced is the story of the film.


Naveen Chandra is getting better with each film. He as a cop handles the situation quite well. His tense emotions and the way he portrays them are very good. Madhoo played a senior cop and was neat. In some places she went overboard though. Satyam Rajesh, Achyuth and other did their parts in the thriller.

What’s Good

Second Half
Naveen Chandra performance
Basic plot

What’s Bad

Lack of proper depth
Conflict not elevated


The film is the remake of Dejavu and some shots are used as it is. The director fails to create the tense atmosphere throughout the film. Things start making sense when Naveen Chandra makes an entry. The beginning and the way the plot is established is not clear. The viewers will have so many doubts regarding the plot.

The film also suffers from logical issues and has some threads unanswered. The manner in which the hero goes about handling the case looks a bit over the top. There is no upliftment of the conflict in the film as the main thread had a lot of potential but it is not etched well for the audience to enjoy.

The best part of the film is the music by Ghibran. His BGM was wow. The visuals are neat and most of the scenes are obtained from the original. Director Arvindh has his task cut out and the storyline he chose was good. But his execution was below par and makes this film a half baked thriller and nothing new to showcase.

Bottom Line – Half Baked Thriller

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