Rajamouli to Atlee: Which of these directors are worth enough to enter the 1000 crore club ?

At the Indian box-office, the ₹1000 Crore club is considered the most exclusive and prestigious. Only a few directors have managed to create movies that earned over ₹1000 Crores at the box office. Leading the list is Telugu director SS Rajamouli, who achieved this incredible feat not once but twice with Baahubali 2 and RRR. Rajamouli knows how to tell epic stories with grand visuals and interesting characters and that’s the reason he’s not in this club just once but twice!

Other than Rajamouli, only a few directors have joined this exclusive club. Nitesh Tiwari, who directed Dangal, is one of them. Prashanth Neel is another director who made it to the club with KGF 2. This Kannada film wowed the audience with its action and gripping story.

Siddharth Anand who directed Pathaan, an action-packed movie with a star-studded cast. is another member of the ₹1000 Crore club.

Atlee, the director of Jawaan, is known for making films that everyone loves. His movies are full of emotions and entertainment, and that’s why he’s here too.

As time goes on, new directors are trying to join this club. People are watching Sukumar closely to see if Pushpa 2 will get him in. But in the world of cinema, surprises can happen anytime, just like Atlee’s unexpected entry.

Prashanth Neel might get his second movie in the club with Salaar. It’s a massive film that could make it big. So for now, we can’t wait to see which movie will be next to join this special club and make history in Indian cinema.

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