Hari Teja heading for a divorce? Here’s what she has to say

Hari Teja, renowned for her roles in movies such as “A Aa,” “Hit,” and “F2,” has dismissed the rumors circulating about her impending divorce from her husband. Hari Teja maintains an active presence on Instagram, consistently sharing pictures and videos, and frequently updating her online profiles.

Although she is currently on vacation, speculations about her marital separation have emerged. She recently posted a screenshot of a fan’s inquiry about her rumored divorce, accompanied by a witty comment highlighting how social media has reached a point where people assume the worst if someone hasn’t been active for a mere four days.

Her clever response to the divorce rumors quickly gained widespread attention. She humorously wrote, “Naalugu Rojulu Social Medialo Active Ga Lekunte Manishi Kooda Poyearemo Anukunela Unnare.” Hari Teja tied the knot with Deepak in 2015, and the couple now has a daughter.

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