Fans are unhappy with Leo posters – Calls they lack creativity

Vijay is gearing up to thrill his fans once again this year with Leo, a film directed by Lokesh Kanagaraju. Trisha co-stars with him, and the movie is scheduled for a grand release on October 19.

However, there has been some criticism regarding the movie’s promotional posters. After facing negative feedback from fans, the film’s team decided to release posters in various languages, one each day.

Unfortunately, these posters haven’t garnered much excitement among the audience. Some fans have compared them unfavourably to Lokesh’s previous works, citing a lack of freshness and creative design.

This has raised concerns about the movie’s prospects, as it seems that the makers may not be putting as much effort into creating innovative posters as they did for Vikram.

In response, some have noted the tagline on the movie posters, which encourages people to “Keep calm and wait for the film.” Whether Lokesh and Vijay can capture the audience’s attention despite the initial disappointment with the posters remains to be seen.

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