Exclusive : Rakshit Atluri’s three films ready for release

Y. Sunita Chowdhary

Rakshit Atluri was on a sabbatical post Palasa. Whether he took a break or if Covid forced a break, we shall know in the following interview. He has three films lined up for release. He talks about the three projects, “The first is Narakasura which I took two years to complete. It happened during the Covid onslaught. The movie was shot in Jabalpur, Lambasingi, Chattisgarh, Orissa. The story is set against a coffee estate on the Andhra-Tamil Nadu border owned by Malayalees. Nasser, Charanraj, Sriman, Kaanchi etc have worked on this project. Rajamouli’s protege Sebastian had directed it. This is a story written by him. The director got Covid and also met with an accident due to which the film got delayed. It is ready and could hit the theatres in February or March. There is a surprise element in it and not linked to mythology ..that is, in case you see the trailer and think it has Kantara vibes. It is a complete action-commercial cinema. It is an in depth story that has violence and action. There is some content to do with eunuchs too. We promise you visual grandeur and both the heroines are Malayalees, Sankeertana and Aparna. The cinematographer is Nani who worked as second unit of Mohan Lal’s Lucifer and also worked on Sabari and 6 Days and 7 Nights.

Rakshit further states, “SasiVadhane is an emotional love story and basically focuses on father-son relationship. Sriman plays father in the story. He is there in almost all of Vijay’s films and we can watch him in Varasudu too. I am a bit uncomfortable with romance but okay with other emotions and action. The film begins from the last and is not a dialogue driven story. Ahi Teja who produced Akshara has produced this too. We started in 2020 January but this too got postponed and there are another four days of shoot left. Music composer Raghu Kunche saw the short film by the director and told me to listen to it. Quite a few changes were made but the base was retained. We did the same with Karuna Kumar; For Palasa too we saw a short film and embarked on it.

On Operation Ravan which is his second home production, the first being Palasa, the actor reveals little information, “It is a psycho thriller. The villain kills people in a pattern and heroine Sankeertana is an investigative journalist. She did my maradalu role here and is a strong character in Narakasura. The villain’s characterization is going to be good. Operation Ravan is because it has similarities with the epic where Ravana kidnaps Sita. The first copy will be ready by February 15th. The second half will have its USP which is a road chase. We have used a forty feet road container. The fights will be good, like jumping from the bike to the container…in that pattern.” All the three films are of different genres and Rakshit will be sporting different looks.

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