US: Bheeshma to breach half-a-million-dollar

Nithiin has bounced back with Venky Kudumula’s Bheeshma.  Released on February 21, the film continues to run with packed-houses. In fact, the film opening has been the best in Nithiin’s career till date. Meanwhile, not only at domestic box-office, but Bheeshma is faring well at overseas market too.

In fact, Bheeshma is all set to breach half-a-million-dollar soon. Speaking about the collections, on Thursday night premieres  it grossed $94,744 from 143 locations, it ended up grossing $151,697 from 144 locations on Friday. And on Saturday, Bheeshma collected a whopping $234,564 from 136 locations.With this, Bheeshma grossed $481,005 so far and will soon cross half-a-million-mark.

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