Allu Arjun puts a test to Sukumar?

Stylish Star Allu Arjun liked the story that director Sukumar narrated him but unfortunately, the actor has second thoughts because of which the shoot of the movie got delayed. The project has to take place by now and the makers might have hit the floors but unfortunately, things did not work in the favour of the film unit and Sukumar is said to be going through a tough time.

Apparently, Bunny asked Sukumar to test shoot some key scenes to understand how the film shapes up and get aware of the mood and tone of the movie, which he thinks is important before taking up the responsibility of coming up with a good content.

Sukumar is said to have taken up the challenge and recently finished the shoot. The sources confirm that the shoot has come up well and things also look good to begin the shoot soon.

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